Discussion on Ultimate WooCommerce Mini Ajax Cart - Floating, Sliding, Popup Cart Plugin For WordPress

Discussion on Ultimate WooCommerce Mini Ajax Cart - Floating, Sliding, Popup Cart Plugin For WordPress

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hi, i bought the woocommerce cart plugin, is working perfect,but, i saw in the demos the products “flying” to the basket. i like to know if this effect is included in the plugin. tks

Yes, it should work with your website as well unless your theme has altered the HTML of the product. Please reply back with your website url so that we can check and tell you the exact reason.


waraq_bd Purchased

Hi There is an issue in the cart, it allows the customer to add as much Qty of the item regardless of the available stock in the inventory

Thank you for letting us know. We are working on it and will probably get it fixed in next update release in few days.

There is a bug in the plugin. Paypal Smart buttons are not getting loaded on the checkout page in the sidecart when Ajax checkout page is enabled.

Paypal smart buttons are visible in the main checkout page, but not the ajax checkout page loaded by the plugin.

Check screenshot:

Therefore, pay via Paypal option is not working, since now only Smart Buttons are the way to pay in paypal.

Please fix it urgently.

I’m using these plugins for Paypal: 1. 2.


It is fixed in our updated release.

Thank you.

It’s not working properly for paypal plugin. The suggested fix is breaking some themes layout. Please give alternative way to generating paypal smart buttons

Does it provide option to upload file on the checkout page? I want my customers to be able to upload an image for an order e.g. t-shirt design. Can I do that?

Thanks for answering. One last question – Is the checkout page load without refresh a part of the plugin or do I need to buy another plugin for it? I installed free version on my website and it doesnt load checkout page inside the sidebar.

I checked your demo site, though, for free plugin. It loads checkout inside the sidebar, but when I installed plugin in my site, it refreshes page to checkout page.

Let me know.

Edit: Just read the description again. It’s a feature of this paid version.

There is option either to load the checkout page on the sidebar or redirect to the the checkout page. In the Main Settings tab, you need to enable the option “Checkout Directly On Cart Panel”


jchnkl Purchased


something’s wrong with the calculation of the total amount:

On the regular cart page it shows up correct:

Any ideas?

Can you please share us your website url? and also send us the link of the product causing this issue? We will need to check it to fix it.

Aslo please make sure that there is not any discounts.


jchnkl Purchased

I think this was caused by improper tax configuration. Weird, but as far I can see not a problem with your plugin. Thanks!

Thank you for letting us know. Please do review our plugin and let other know about it. Thanks again in advance. :)


jchnkl Purchased


I just wanted to share another code snippet which does not alter your plugin at all, but enables it to hide the shopping cart button (toggle button) when the shopping cart is empty:

It requires some css, js and php, ideally in a child theme. If you like, you can add it to your documentation.


I wrote a small patch for the frontend which exposes a public API call to open the cart. You can find the patch here:

I’d be very happy to see this in the release.


Thank you for taking time to create a code snippet. We really appreciate it.

But as you know most of the user are non coder and they really don’t know what are classes and IDs and they will not know how to use javascript functions.

Thank why we have an option to add the class name to the DOM element where ever you want to trigger the cart. And you will find the class name to add at the bottom of the setting page. User even find it difficult to do it as well.


jchnkl Purchased

Hi, I understand that you want to keep the interface simple. However, my patch does not change the behavior of the plugin or changes any settings. It’d be nice if you could add it, so I won’t have to maintain my patch on future releases / updates. Maybe if you look at it as making your plugin more attractive towards web developers. :)

Hi, we are very interested in your plugin and would like to buy it. Just one question this plugin support Free Shipping Progress Bar? This is to let customers know how much more they need to add to their cart to qualify for free shipping.

sorry, it does not support it for now. But we will consider adding it in near future.

Hi! How can I add the cart button to the menu? Is there a short code for this? tks

Hi, You can add the cart button to the menu using class name. You will see a class name and you will need to add it in the menu. Please check this screenshot . And once clicked, it will open the menu.

Please check this video on how to add class name on menu

my woo shop set the add to cart to redirect to cart page after hit the button in the single product page. However, after activate this plug-in this function is not work. After hit the add to cart button it just reload page. I need to deactivate the plug-in to make the add to cart work.


It does not happen in our demo website. Please check this

We do not have any code that alter the single product page functionality. Can you please reply back with your website url so that we can check for it?


Hi! I would like to open the cart every time I click on the add to cart button on the single product page and the product archives(Collection) page. Is this possible? How can I achieve this? tks

Sorry, it is not possible currently but we have planned to add this feature soon our future update releases.


We are pleased to inform you that your feature suggestion has be added in our latest update release.

Thank You.

Hi, the option Display Cross Sell Products, Up Sell Products or Related Products in a Slider, is it manageable? or are products that are placed there randomly? And the other hand, the license is for one site o can a use the plugin to the other sites?

sorry, currently there is no option to open the cart drawer when item is added in to the cart. But we may consider this option for our future updates.

ok, thanks!


The option to add the cart panel when add to cart is clicked is added in our latest update release so please update your plugin to latest version to enjoy this feature.

Thank You.

Hi, I’m experiencing some issues with a plugin. If I add and then remove product from the cart and go to another page or close the cart by “continue shopping”, same product appears in cart again. Sometimes this products is removed but sometimes it appears again. Please check yourself at


Thank you for sending the website url. I checked your website.

Once you add the product to the cart, the added product will remain as it is until you remove it or purchase it. It will not go away once you switch to another pages. And this is how the cart is supposed to work.

You can check it in our demo page as well

And you website does not have “Add to Cart” button in the product page. The visitor must go to the cart detail page to add the product. If you check our demo in the above link, you will see the actual usage of the cart plugin.

Thank you.

Also i tested by adding the product and then removing it again. And then browsing to another page, and the removed product is not visible again at all.

Hi, I’ve sent you via email screen recording, please check.

I couldn’t find the settings part of the plugin on my site, it doesn’t appear, can you help me?

Did you check the our documentation here

If you still are not able to find the settings after checking the documentation, the we will help you.



Wordpress panelinde eklentinin ayarlar bölümünü göremiyorum yardımcı olursanız sevinirim kolay gelsin


Hello, I’ve bought premium version of this plugin, but it crashes our website. Free version of this plugin work well though. What could be the problem?

Our website is

Please provide your contact email so I can provide screenshot and html file of our site when plugin is activated.

You can email us at

Thank you for emailing us. I hope our team was able to fix your issue in email conversation.


Fury6z Purchased


I got this error when I created a new floating cart :

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class “Elementor\Plugin” not found in ultimate-woocommerce-cart/inc/frontend/flying-front.php on line 18


From the error above what we can say is that you are using the older version of the plugin. This error was resolved in our earlier update version 1.2.1 so please download the latest plugin and then delete the older one and install the new one. The error will go once you are on the latest updated version,



We haven’t had reply from you. Please download the latest version v1.2.3 of the plugin. It should fix your issue. If not, please do let us know. We will help you fix the issue.


I get a error, when I activate the plugin

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Elementor\Plugin’ not found in /www/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-woocommerce-cart/inc/frontend/flying-front.php:18 Stack trace: #0 /www/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-woocommerce-cart/classes/frontend-class.php(290): include() #1 /www/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(307): UWCC_Frontend->uwcc_menu(’’) #2 /www/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(331): WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array) #3 /www/wp-includes/plugin.php(474): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #4 /www/wp-includes/general-template.php(3042): do_action(‘wp_head’) #5 /www/wp-content/themes/azoom/header.php(37): wp_head() #6 /www/wp-includes/template.php(770): require_once(’/www/wp-content…’) #7 /www/wp-includes/template.php(716): load_template(’/www/wp-content…’, true, Array) #8 /www/wp-includes/general-template.php(48): locate_template(Array, true, true, Array) #9 /www/wp-content/themes/azoom/page.php(14): get_header() #10 /www/wp-includes/template-loader.php(106): include(’/www/wp-content…’) #11 /www/wp-blog-header.php(19): require_once(’/w in /www/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-woocommerce-cart/inc/frontend/flying-front.php on line 18 Er heeft zich een kritieke fout voorgedaan op deze site

problem is now solved with 1.2.1 good to know, i had to download the product from the website. via the envomarket on my admin site there was no update available. hence the confusion.

thank you!

Yes, thank you for clarifying. And please follow this tutorial if you want to update your plugin automatically without needing to download the plugin

And please do review our plugin if you like it. We will be very grateful of it.

Thank You.

ty, I already did that and I see 1.2.0 in the screen and no update. its ok I do it manualy ty

Great plug-in, only two things I would suggest to elevate this plugin from great to amazing is, to use similar selectors as Woocommerce. Since I’ve added custom code to inject a product when a certain category is found in the cart, this code has now become useless since it does not get injected in the ajax cart. (which makes sense, this is a really personal issue that most will not encounter).

the second thing would be a more common issue and one that I really want, and that makes it go from a “possible” buy to a “guaranteed” buy for me; PROVIDE A SHORTCODE SO WE CAN SIMPLY PUT THE CART WHERE WE WANT IT. Don’t get me wrong, the floating is nice, but I just want a persistent cart in my menu, the floating is interfering with pre-existing floats and as such bloating my ui.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Regarding point number one, it is not possible to have the same product design with all the injected element as the theme display because there is a separate structure of code for the cart added product and also the items added to the cart does not need to display all those lot amounts of elements. It is just the visual representation of what products are added to the cart.

and regarding the second point, we have planned to do it in the next update. But more exciting is that you can add your cart content from the Elementor page builder and we have planned to release this update soon in the next couple of weeks.

And please do the review of our plugin if you liked it :)

After update the plugin, contiune shopping button goes to check out, and cart doesn’t desplay on single product pages.


There is option to set the continue shopping button yourself. Please check this screenshot

and regarding the cart button, it will display the link that you have set for cart page in woo commerce settings. So please check the Woo Commerce setting.

Also go to Settings > Permalink and save the settings once again.

If it still does not work after following the above procedure, please reply back with your website url.



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