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Thank you for purchasing the WooCommerce Cart plugin. Hope our product will be of great help to succeed in your web project. We appreciate your decision to read the documentation before requesting our support.

If you have any questions or need any assistance related to the theme, please feel free to ask us questions. Our support team will be happy to help you.

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Plugin Installation

The installation of WooCommerce Cart does not differ from other plugin installation processes. So, you might be familiar with the process already. If not, follow these steps:

  • Once you have made the purchase, download a copy of the WooCommerce Cart zip file and save it on your hard drive.
  • Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Click on Upload Plugin and choose the plugin file that you have saved previously.
  • Once done, click on “Install Now”.
  • Wait while the plugin is installed on your server and click on the “Activate Plugin” button once the plugin is installed.

Note: WooCommerce Cart is a cart extension for WooCommerce. Therefore, you need to have the WooCommerce plugin pre-installed to run the extension. In case, you do not have the WooCommerce plugin installed on your WordPress website, you can install it from here.

Setting Up WooCommerce Cart

Once you have successfully activated the plugin, you can set up your WooCommerce floating cart on your online store.

To set up the WooCommerce cart:

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Now click on Ultimate WooCommerce Cart on the left menu of your dashboard.
  • You will land on the “All Cart” Page where all your created WooCommerce cart will be stored.
  • Click on the “Add New” button to create a new WooCommerce cart for your webshop.

You will land on the settings page of the plugin where you can configure and customize the floating cart as per your requirement before adding it to your WordPress-based eCommerce website.

The different settings available are as follows:

Main Settings

The main settings section allows you to configure and customize the major options of your WooCommerce cart.

It is divided into 3 subsections, i.e.

1) Main Setting

You will be able to choose the display animation to show/hide cart items. The plugin provides you various animation effects, you can test them all and choose the most appropriate one for your online shop.

Next is the layout type option to choose 3 different display types of your cart contents i.e. sliding, floating, and popup. You can test all 3 of them and choose the most suitable one for your WooCommerce site.

After that, you can enable the ajax add to cart to allow your audience to add the shopping item to the cart without reloading the page.

You can also enable the glass layout to display your WooCommerce cart and the cart content in the glassmorphism user interface

Also, you can set the basket position to the different locations of your screen as well as choose the cart item layout.

Besides, you can enable the overlay option to add the overlay on the background when you display the cart items.

2) Heading Section

Here, you can add the custom header title, choose icons from the available icon pack, and select whether to display the cart item counts.

3) Cart Basket Tab

Here, you can configure different elements of the cart basket. You will be able to choose the cart basket icon and set the display shape of the basket to either round, square, or rounded square.

You can also choose the show the product count inside the basket as well as choose the hover animation and idle animation of your product basket.

Suggested Item

From the suggested item section, you can add a cart product slider containing your suggested products.

You will be able to display either cross sell products, up sells products, related products or choose your own selected products.


Also, you can give the title for your slider and choose the number of items that you want to display on your cart product slider.

Besides, you will also have full control over the movement of your product slider by setting it on autoplay, loop, pause duration, speed, dots, and arrows.

Coupons Settings

This section allows you to add the coupon field to your cart. It will allow your customers to apply the promo code directly from the cart without having to go to any other pages.

Additionally, you can also display active coupons to make it easier for your audience to choose the coupon code.

Display Settings

In the display settings, you will be able to choose the pages where you want to display the floating cart.

You can hide the floating cart on the mobile or desktop as per your choice.

Also, you can set the option to show or hide the WooCommerce cart and choose different pages to do that.

Button Settings

From here, you will be able to display the “View Cart” button, “Check Out” button and “Continue Shopping” button on your WooCommerce cart.

You can add the custom label for each of the button and as well as place the link on continue shopping and shipping text.

Custom Settings

The custom settings allow you to customize the typography and color for various elements available on the shopping cart. You can play with these options to make your WooCommerce cart super appealing and eye-catching on your WooCommerce web store.

Check the enable customizations check box and start the customization.

Here is a quick look at the options available: